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Diversed products, Strategy of Diversification


Chicken Cutlet

A chinese style chicken breast.


Popcorn Chicken

A tiny juicy meat cube which cut from the chicken brisket.


Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets.


Sesame balls

Sesame balls


Hash Browns

Hash Browns.


Cheese Pastries

The pastries is full of cheese and fresh.


Fish bar

Fish bar.


Chocolate Brownie

A perfect cake with fried style for brownie lovers


High Grade Wine- Sausage

Can't forget the first time you visited Taiwanese night market ? Our new cuisine' high Grade Wine- Sausage' which is made with fried chicken and a little chinese wine will reflesh your memory again. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Boneless Chicken Quarter

If you like boneless juicy meat you need try this.


French Fries

We choose American-style fries with prefect 8/3 cut.


Tempura (Fishcakes)

Made by the fresh fish paste.


Cuttlefish balls

Gravy cuttlefish with fried style.


Cheese balls

Cheese balls


Strawberry Ball

A strawberry flavor ball with putin paste.


Taro ball

Taro ball.


Apple Pie

Everyone should craving for Apple Pie !!


 Fried Mochi with condensed milk ( Mesona / Honey)

How long have you not eaten Mochi? Just little one fried Mochi will bring you back to the childhood for sure.


Fried Chicken

The made by order Fried Chicken could successfully lock the juicy meat inside of the fried skin, which ultimately create the great flavor you taste everytime.


Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato.


Onion Rings

Onion Rings.


Sweet Potato balls

Sweet Potato balls


Chinese Yam Rolls

Chinese Yam Rolls.


Fried Silver Roll with Pepper flavor

Chinese classic silver roll.Chinese classic silver roll.


Chicken Donuts 

Every chicken rings is full of delicious fried chicken which can totally bring back your childhood memories.


Scallion pie

this mini scallion pie can totally bring you back to the childhood journey in Taiwan

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