About Fat Daddy

About Fat Daddy

"In Fat Daddy's restaurant, every minute is worth waiting." said founders Mr. Ku and Mrs. Kuo.

Today there are over 340 Fat Daddy Fried Chicken stores in Taiwan. The first Fat Daddy Fried Chicken store is based in Tan Zi, Taichung. “We are dedicated to making a good-taste fried chicken to our customer. We did a lot of efforts to enhance our organized process in the past ten years”, said Mr. Ku, founder of Fat Daddy Fried Chicken Co., who stepped into the fast food industry occasionally in ten years ago. In order to find the best taste and perfect fried chicken to the customers, Mr. Ku and Mrs. Kuo spent over 12 hours a day in the kitchen searching for the best material, flavored breading and frying. ”We collected every precious opinions from customers to adjust the flavor until everything is perfect, we didn't know we could made the Fat Daddy empire afterward", said Mrs. Kuo.

History, Current status, Future vision


Established in 2008 in Tanzi, Taichung


Originally named HOT199 Fried Chicken store


Officially Changed the name into Fat Daddy Fried Chicken store


HQ of Fat Daddy Fried Chicken moved to Feng Chia downtown


Established 3 education centers in north, mid, and south Taiwan


Established Fat Daddy Fried Chicken FAT DADDY CO., LTD


Started developing in oversea market



Fat Daddy established in Fujian, Jangjou



Fried Chicken

HQ Address

No.88, Liemei St., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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