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Made to order in every restaurant

Get your juicy fried chicken at Fat Daddy!
Premium heat-resistant frying oil
Freshly butchered chicken
Fat Daddy's own marinated recipe

Different from the traditional salty flavor and pre-fried chicken in Taiwan, Fat Daddy gave up the local double-fried process and set up a whole new fried process which is MADE TO ORDER. In this rule we only choose the local fresh chicken, using our own massage skills, breading techniques, heat-resistant frying oil and Fat Daddy's marinated powder which can successfully keep the juicy taste inside of fried chicken and show the milky flavor wonderfully.


About Fat Daddy

Fat Daddy Fried Chicken SOP successfully brings juicy and milky flavor fried chicken in the world. "In Fat Daddy's restaurant, every minute is worth waiting." said founders Mr. Ku and Mrs. Kuo.


A Variety Of Choice

When it comes to quality options, we’ve got you covered.


Franchise info

Fat Daddy Fried Chicken continues to be recognized as a premier franchising company around Asia. More than 90% of our restaurants in Asia are owned and operated by our Franchisees. If you got a dream to create your own business, come join us. Fat Daddy Fried Chicken just provides hands-on training and the materials you need to be a success in your business. We look forward seeing you soon.

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